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Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Meet “Bobbie the Wonder Dog”.  In 1923 Bobbie was traveling with his family from Silverton, Oregon to Indiana.  At a fueling stop while in Indiana, this two year old Scotch Collie mix was separated from his family and disappeared.  After an exhaustive search the family had no choice but to leave instructions in case Bobbie showed up, and return home.  Nearly six months later in February of 1924, Bobbie showed up at the door of his owners, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brazier.   Bobbie, thin, weathered, and weary, had somehow managed to find his way back to his Oregon home, a distance of approximately 2,800 miles, in the dead of winter.

While news of his amazing return quickly spread, many people simply could not believe that this amazing dog was able to make this trek back to where his journey began.  Officials from the Oregon Humane Society launched an investigation into the claim and were able to determine to their satisfaction that Bobbie did indeed travel this incredible distance.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog with his owner Frank Brazier

Instantly famous, Bobbie was celebrated, receiving medals, keys to the city, and a jewel-studded harness and collar.  Over 40,000 people came to see him at the Portland Home Show, where he was the guest of honor, and was presented with his own dog-sized bungalow.

Bobbie’s story was also featured on ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’, and inspired a book by Charles Alexander titled, “Bobbie, A Great Collie.”  He also played himself in the silent film, “The Call of the West.”

Upon his death in 1927, Bobbie was buried with honors at the Oregon Humane Society. Portland’s mayor gave the eulogy and later Rin Tin Tin laid a wreath at his grave.